Hospital Ward Boys & Nurse

Ward boys help related health professionals and other staff in hospitals and healthcare establishments, taking care of the non-medical responsibilities like patient support, housekeeping, etc.

Ward boys hold the important role in the hospitals. They perform myriad of tasks right from ensuring that a sufficient supply of linen and clean clothing is available for patients to assisting in patient restraint and emergencies. Ward boys also help in maintaining the stocks of non-medical supplies. They help with turning and lifting patients and transferring them by wheelchairs or by movable beds. They clean rooms like bathrooms, utility rooms, showers and also clean the interior windows. They buff and mop the floors, remove rubbish, vacuum carpets and eliminate dust from all areas and keep the hospital environment free of pollution. The health care setting of any kind would require the assistances of ward boys and thus we help you search for the experienced and talented ward boys for hire.

We help you hire a professional nurse if you need a special attention to any of your bed-ridden family who has just returned from the hospital after a prolonged treatment or want to look after your elderly father or mother. We help you search for the reputed and expertise nurses who will work as an in-home caregiver in your home, taking care of your physically or mentally challenged member in your family. The home nurses will deliver you a customized bedside care for the patients and will remain as a great companion for the patients. By hiring a home nurse, you can able to give your unhealthy or bed-ridden member in your home a new confidence to survive and get well soon.