Sofa & Chair Shampooing

Regular vacuuming of sofa, chair removes dust, but for stains and stubborn dust, Mechanized shampooing of sofa, chair is required. We use specialized chemicals And shampooing equipments for maintaining your sofa, chair and carpet.

In a city like Mumbai, which has one of the highest levels of dust particles in the air, dust settles on furniture and floors. Especially in the households with small kids, such dust can have adverse effect on the health of everyone, especially the kids. Chairs/ sofas and beds, on which we spend most of our day, often have entrenched stains which result in dust mites, germs and allergens. They might pose health risks to you and your family like allergies, asthma, skin itch, coughing, sneezing.

Regular vacuuming of sofas/ chairs/ carpet / mattresses removes dust, for stains and stubborn dust, mechanised shampooing is required. We use specialized eco- friendly chemicals and equipment for shampooing it.